Bush Walks

There are 100's of bushwalks in Tasmania - see our online shop to buy the book!

Here are a few of our suggestions;

  • You would be amazed at how many people don't make the time to walk our beach - make sure you are not one of them!
  • Secondly you must walk to the edge of Ironhouse point, its a hidden treasure, simply walk south from the boat ramp and then turn left between the bushes.
  • Another hidden treasure is St Marys Falls at the top of the St Marys pass only a 5 minute walk.
  • Of course there is the St Patrick's Head hike and South Sisters.
  • There are more than I can mention at the blue tier and the St Colombian falls are beautiful.
  • South at Douglas Apsley N.P again there are numerous to choose from.
  • Of course Freycinet national park is only an hour from and features the walk into wineglass bay, our favorite suggestion is the Cape Tourville lighthouse walk that allows you a glimpse of wineglass bay and beautiful perspective of friendly beaches and the capes lichen covered cliffs.

Whether it is a morning walk along our own secluded beach, a short walk at Douglas Apsley or hiking to the top of St Patrick’s head, there are countless walks to be enjoyed in close proximity to White Sands.